At Valley Lumber we value sustainability and environmentally friendly products and processes

As a building material, fuel source and finishing product, wood is a renewable and sustainable material. Macrocarpa requires no chemical treatment in order to be long-lasting. In fact the heart timber is equivalent to H 3.1. Therefore using macrocarpa timber instead of conventional treated pine reduces the amount of toxic materials within our homes and outdoor spaces.

As food becomes more expensive people are moving back to growing some of their own food at home in a vegetable garden. Timber is often used to make raised garden beds for vegetables. macrocarpa is great for building these raised garden beds due to its resistance to rot and degradation. The alternative treated Pinus Radiata timber but it may contaminate your soil and therefore produce with toxic chemicals. If you use macrocarpa timber for raised gardens you are choosing the more environmentally friendly option!

The logs we source for our sawmill predominantly come from Forestry Blocks that are sustainably harvested. They are FSC certified.